Monthly Archives May 2011

Day 243 – Dance of the Miller Moth

Every spring in Colorado we experience a few weeks of the flying fury of the Miller moth. For a couple of weeks in late May we are inundated with these dusty crazy creatures before they head off to higher elevations for most of the summer. I wouldn’t mind so much if they stayed outside but […]

Day 242 – Wrap Me Up

Day 241 – Checkerboard

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to all the men and women in our Armed Forces and a special thank you to those who gave their lives to protect our country in the name of freedom! Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 241 was created with scraps from my 1966 Webster […]

Day 240 – A Bosch and an Apple

The dishwasher saga continues! To catch you up – dishwasher stopped working, called Al from Al’s Appliance Repair, Al spent an hour ripping the thing apart as I stood by horrified by the knowledge that we were headed for a hefty repair bill for no repair. And yes $100 later it was officially pronounced – […]

Day 239 – Everything’s Coming Up – weeds?

The rain has done its glory – things are greening up! Unfortunately a lot of the green is weeds! Oh my goodness – they appeared out of nowhere and when you live on 6 acres of basically developed farmland – the weeds win. Doug does a fantastic job every year keeping the noxious weeds knocked […]

Day 238 – The Flip Side

There are very few absolutes in this world. Most things come with many ways to look at them – at least two sides and multiple angles. Positive – Negative. Up – Down. Right – Wrong. All stories have renditions – opinions and views based on personal experience, knowledge and – bias. We tend to see […]

Day 237 – Formal Apple

This time of year makes me so happy – proms, weddings and celebrations! When Doug and I were planning our wedding we decided to buy him a tuxedo instead of renting one and his best man, Bob and one of the grooms men did the same. They were so cute trying those tuxes on – […]

Day 236 – Storms, Storms Go Away

These storms need to stop. I cannot think much about apples or my back hurting or awareness efforts today. My little world, my little troubles – are so very, very tiny in comparison to the destruction and lives lost and affected. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 236 was created in pastels on watercolor paper – it’s […]

Day 235 – Apple in a Bottle

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” — Herman Hesse Letting go can be so liberating and can take you in so many new and interesting directions. Put that message in a bottle – that wish you’d like to send out to the world and toss it […]

Day 234 – Hold Your Head Up High

I will keep going. Some days – heck, lots of days we all want to quit. We want to just throw in the towel and say, “That’s it – I give up!” Life with a chronic illness makes these times seem like they are our existence more than they are a passing emotion. I struggle […]