Monthly Archives October 2010

Day Thirty one – Apple o’ Lantern

    Happy Halloween! We picked the last of the Pumpkins from the garden today and will have them lining the walkway for any possible trick or treaters that might stop by.  We also had a massive beet that got lost in the garden jumble – it had to have been six inches across.  I […]

Day Thirty – Apple n’ Bones

I had such a creative block today. Tomorrow for Halloween I have an Apple o’ Lantern planned but I think I’ve done every conceivable Halloween image possible.  At least it seems that way but with 365 days of apples needed, I will be creating Art Apples that are relevant to the calendar, current events and […]

Day Twenty nine – Trick or Treat?

Halloween is just way more fun with little ones.  The sheer joy kids have in asking a simple question where the results are known – and really awesome. We moved out to the country a few years ago and some Halloween nights (the ones that are bitter cold especially) we get no trick or treaters although […]

Day Twenty eight – One Bat Apple

Don’t let One Bat Apple Spoil the Bunch! So really… how do you resist such things? Doug said I should do a bat apple and it all went downhill from there.  Puns in my family are just a challenge for another more dreadful and horrible follow up pun.  However they are also cherished.  And a […]

Day Twenty seven – World Series

    We are a baseball family.  Although our Colorado Rockies haven’t been able to recreate Rocktober of 2007 we still love them – and there’s always next year – right? So this apple is because tonight is the first game in the 2010 World Series – for all you baseball fans! Until tomorrow. Jenna […]

Day Twenty six – Ruby Slippers

    Today was the first day I felt a bit disoriented.  Maybe something like how Dorothy felt when she landed in Oz.  Overwhelmed, a little lost, but amazed with the scenery!  No more Land of Oz analogies – I promise… I’m getting some wonderful ideas for Art Apples and I want to thank you […]

Day Twenty five – Candy Corn

The most difficult thing about this process is that I have to produce because I have a deadline.  I can’t let any of you down and I WILL NOT let myself down. As an artist the instinct is to keep going and keep going – it will be perfect if I add just a touch […]

Day Twenty four – Halloween Week!

    This week will be very fun – cuz what’s more fun than Halloween?  And there might be a few surprises as well – don’t forget… you can sign up via email on the bottom of the page to get an email notice when I post my Art Apple each day.  And if this […]

Day Twenty three – Green Pastel

I decided to make chicken soup, cauliflower soup, and chicken enchilada casserole – this afternoon!  I’ve pretty much figured out that if I’m going to work full time, have a life,  and create my apples then something has gotta give.  So I’ll need to prepare some food ahead. So, before starting on chopping onions and […]

Day Twenty two – Save the Cat Apple

So, I was thinking today about why cats go running up trees.  Do you think they know that they may not find their way down or that they may get stuck and need help?  It seems that it is just their nature and they head that way regardless. But, isn’t that what we all do […]