Monthly Archives January 2011

Day 123 – Three Fortunes

I’ve become a member of a community of health advocate bloggers at WEGO Health. WEGO is a site for people like me, who are working to get information about living with health challenges and issues regarding access to care in our communities and to the general public. It also serves as a way to use […]

Day 122 – Patch Work

I was on a Fentynol pain patch for three years. Pain patches are used for people in severe chronic pain. They were a blessing for me but they were also a constant reminder of the beast called pain that lives in my joints, tendons, and muscles due to Ankylosing Spondylitis. I had to switch them […]

Day 121 – Vera Apple

Artistic inspiration is a funny thing. You never know where you’ll find it – I most certainly don’t, so I gorge myself on images. I subscribe to a number of shelter and a couple of fashion magazines and I look at a lot of art, design, and craft blogs. I find that even an interesting […]

Day 120 – Stand Tall

Stand Tall. These two simple words have great meaning for me. They’ve become a bit of a personal mantra as well as the slogan for the Spondylitis Association of America. They remind me to keep the notion close at hand that I need to stand up straighter and taller. This is important not just because […]

Day 119 – A Tweet Tart

Twitter. I was terrified of Twitter – seriously frozen with terror. I also thought why the heck would anyone use that? Why would I care about the exact location of my friends unless there is some real need to know. The idea of getting a play by play of a yummy meal is a more appealing […]

Day 118 – Full Spectrum

Here I go again about color… Random Thought One:  Before I had any idea that I would study art at UMass, my parents bought a signed print of the full color spectrum of hearts by Jim Dine. I guess I was as intrigued by it as they were because I couldn’t stop looking at it. […]

Day 117 – Pastel No. 4

This is the fourth in the series of Pastels.  I hope you enjoy it. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 117 was created in chalk pastel. Pastel No. 1, Pastel No. 2, Pastel No. 3

Day 116 – Tin Heart

Oh how I can relate to the tin man! One of my new Twitter buds has a slogan he uses and attributes to his Rheumatologist – “Motion is Lotion!” Keep active and those joints will stay happy. The tin man was stuck in one spot for years but let’s get moving, ‘Stand Tall’, and Move […]

Day 115 – Paint Escape

I was inspired today by a painting by Patti Agapi called Divinity. Her paintings are abstract, color saturated, and glorious.  I was so captivated by it that I bought it!  I love to support fellow artists but I haven’t bought much art so I’m trying to change that. I’m going to start collecting where I […]

Day 114 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

What’s with the snow? We’ve been pretty lucky where I live to the southeast of Denver although the ski areas are having a record season.  I know that my friends from the east     are    so    over     it!   Every state has snow on the ground this year except Florida! […]