Monthly Archives February 2011

Day 151 – Zen Tangle

I had never heard of a Zentangle. Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. The concept was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts as a form of meditation – a type of art that provides a sense of freedom and well-being! Their motto is “Anything is possible […]

Day 150 – Lights, Camera… Action!

I finally watched the movie “Julie and Julia” last night! I now know why people wanted me to see it. The similarities in our stories had me taking notes – I loved her description of why on earth she would take on such a task! She too started a 365 day journey. Her self imposed […]

Day 149 – Saturday Apple

Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 149 was created in watercolor

Day 148 – Find Your Place To Shine!

I LOVE American Idol – how can you not? In fact I love all reality t.v. that is based on the premise of giving ordinary people a chance to become stars and live a life of their passions! (not such a big fan of the Fear Factor type) What is your dream – where do […]

Day 147 – Phone a Friend

I’d like to phone a friend. If I could have a hotline to a friend who would always pick up the phone – wouldn’t that be cool! Now – to be fair – my husband, my family, and some truly great friends will pick up the phone. But for people dealing with chronic illness, this […]

Day 146 – Awash

Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 146 was created in watercolor.

Day 145 – Harry Potter Apple

. Doesn’t Harry Potter look fantastic as an apple! . I haven’t done of my pop culture apples in awhile – I thought today would be a good time to do something that is just fun so that I can bring you some updates too! . * I’d love to hear your ideas for apples […]

Day 144 – Sushi Apple

I’m a foodie. I love tastes – textures – exotic flavors. And, I love Sushi! But probably not as much as my brother Jason does and today is his birthday so he is the inspiration behind today’s art apple and post. I’m a lucky gal – I’m friends with my brothers and especially close to […]

Day 143 – Whirling Dervish

. I’m spinning. When I think of a Whirling Dervish – I think of the Urban Dictionary (caution there is some crazy stuff there) definition.  I was thinking of whirling because I’ve felt a bit frenetic lately. It feels very strange and I’m thinking that the way I’m feeling is probably how most people feel […]

Day 142 – Steady AS She Goes

There are many reasons to love the snail. Their slow, stead pace is one to be admired. Many days I’d be much better off if I would slow down, take in my surroundings – breathe – and smile. I feel better already! Snails carry their homes upon their backs which is where all of us […]