Looking Back – Day 119 – A Tweet Tart

Today is Day 119 of the Art Apple A Day Retrospective – for information on the project click here.

Day One Hundred Nineteen – January 27, 2011

Looking back 10 years ago today…

The post cracks me up. I guess I was having a good day – I was funny and clever. LOL Those are my favorite memories. If you read my posts you know that I’ve had some technical snafu’s and brain fog issues that have impacted my social media shares on these posts. I have high hopes that all will be corrected tomorrow. But the good news is that all the chaos has me rethinking some of the ways I’m sharing this project. Things we’ve done in the past aren’t necessarily the best way today.

I’m not going to use the Apples For AS Facebook Page for daily posts. I’ll try to put up a weekly recap but I might not. I will be putting more time into the Instagram page and start sharing about my apples on my personal channels more. Seems more natural to do it that way anyway and the one less step of Facebook will be a relief for me.

Speaking of Twitter (well I was 10 years ago) ~ I don’t share on Twitter this time around. A gal can only handle so much and Twitter has just become a bitch session spot. No thank you. Boy did I love Twitter 10 years ago though…

To see my original Day 119 post ~ A Tweet Tart ~ from 10 years ago click here or on the image above.

And the story will continue tomorrow…

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