Day 340 – My Panglossian Pommes

I’m an optimist.

Hadn’t figured that one out yet? I know – of course you have!

But sometimes I am blindly optimistic. Is that naive or is it living in hope and faith? I haven’t figured that one out either but, I plan on retaining my rose-colored glasses at all costs. Rose colored, blindly and ludicrously optimistic apples all around!

Until tomorrow.


Day 340 was created in acrylic with a new find – a stabilo aquarellable pencil – and watercolor on top to create the interesting blending effects.

3 Replies to “Day 340 – My Panglossian Pommes”

  1. It is not naive at all. To look on the bright side of things shows that you value compassion first. We need more of this in today’s world.

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