Day 363 – A Yankee Apple

New York here I come!

A New York Yankees apple was in order – a big thank you to all New Yorkers for embracing the Apple-A-Thon.

Since I was born in Princeton, NJ and my Dad grew up in Upper Montclair, NJ – listening to the Yanks with my grandfather, Willard who was a huge fan – I will root for the Yankees happily this year. My brothers, Red Sox fans and my husband a Colorado Rockies fan will have to – have to – approve this year.

Until tomorrow.


Day 363 was created in pen & ink and watercolor.

Day 360 – We Feel It

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” – Japanese Proverb

Last week a great article was written in the Huffington Post by Daniel P. Malito who writes about Rheumatiod Arthritis in their health section as well as for Creaky Joints.

His article explains in clear terms what happens in the body when Autoimmune Disease is triggered. I was stunned by the comments – I had to weigh in myself because people turned his article into a three ring circus of ways to “cure” us and all of the things we’ve done to bring these diseases on ourselves. These comments we feel deeply. Very deeply. Like arrows in our hearts.

It’s time for us to fight back – shoot those arrows back at them. One comment here and there won’t have an effect but if we bundle our shots together, we can change this perception.

The comments could wound me if I let them. I choose to not let them anymore.

Until tomorrow.


Day 360 was created in graphite and watercolor.

Day 357 – A New View

Take in a new view – you never know the wonders you might see.

Until tomorrow.


Day 357 was created in watercolor.

***Update on my computer issues – they are official. I’m posting tonight from Doug’s computer. So frustrating.

Day 347 – Surviving The Difficult Days

Today was a difficult day.

We all have them. We all get through them. I’ve discovered the great outlet of writing this past year. So – I wrote it all out and I feel so much better. I haven’t posted on The Fight Like A Girl Club website in a couple of months so my feelings and emotions of today came pouring out. If you get a chance – please check it out.

Until tomorrow.


Day 347 was created in watercolor with a technique I love – create an object with water only and then lay in the color. The area that you place the water contains the color and keeps the line.

Day 343 – The Apple That Never Sleeps

This apple that seems to never sleep is so gosh darned excited to get to the city that never sleeps!

I know I’ve been telling you all that information about the Apple-A-Thon is coming – and it is – but I’ve had a few details that have been harder to pull together than my insanely optimistic self thought they’d be. Doh! But what I’d love to tell you all is that I’ve designed an Apple A Day Art poster that I’m really excited about and will be a big part of the fundraising efforts for the event and through the month of October. Make sure to add your name to the “Contact Us” form here and pledge to get your art poster or one of the originals I paint during the 24 hour event.

I’ve promised my husband and my mother that I will try to unwind and get some sleep tonight. I am getting so excited that it’s been difficult lately. So good night good friends – please let me know via email or the contact me form if you think you might be joining us in The Big Apple for the event!

Until tomorrow.


Day 343 was created in oil penicl and watercolor.

Day 337 – “My, What Big Pies You Have!”

Yes, it is again Fairy Tale Friday!

It was time for a bit of levity and as I was brainstorming fairy tales possibilities, this idea came to mind.

And… well –  I just had to.

Of course – they are apple pies. And, look closely – Little Red Riding Hood has some apples in her basket.

Until tomorrow.


Day 337 was created in pen & ink and watercolor with a touch of Red Tria Pantone Letraset marker – difficult to get red watercolor that vibrant.

Day 315 – Sit & Watch

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred FifteenEveryone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

August is marching on.  I’ve started to feel the air change and the weight of the hot days lift. Last night the first hint of fall showed up with a blessed cool breeze that allowed me to snuggle under my down comforter.

I hope to take some time to stop and watch the season starting ever so slowly to change.

Until tomorrow.


Day 315 was created in watercolor.

Day 310 – Situational Awareness

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred TenI am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. – Martha Washington

We all have a certain amount of situational awareness or (SA). I can predict some things with certainty. The cat will sit on top of the the dryer every night starting at about 8pm waiting for his evening meal, Doug will not put the salt & pepper shaker back in the cabinet but place them on the counter below, and if my Dad is in a waiting area in an airport with time before a flight – he WILL call me. I find it to be a crazy concept that we can predict much of anything in life but the concept of SA is “knowing what is going on around you so that you can decide what to do” is a given – having a concept for this makes me laugh. You can predict certain behaviors but you cannot possibly know everything that is going on – that is counter intuitive if you ask me. All we can do is decide what to do based on what we do know and are paying attention to. For all you scientists or philosophers or anyone who has an opinion on this please – tell me where I’m going wrong. And, Doug – explain it to us in terms of baseball… (check comments – he’s dying to explain to all of us SA in terms of baseball.)

Things that we feel are predictable help make life less chaotic. But, times come when we need to mix it up a bit. Change sides of the bed you sleep on, try a new hairstyle, or… purchase art supplies that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t want to risk not liking. What I did today was unpredictable even to myself – I’m going to try it more often!

I went downtown this morning to meet my friend Nate and his new friend Justin for brunch and afterwards I was right around the corner from the art super store. I could have bought the same old, same old but I saw that they had some new watercolors. A brand that I’ve considered purchasing before but hadn’t because I would have had to order them online and I am very set in my watercolor ways. But, I bit the bullet and purchased 4 of the super expensive (Doug is now thinking – how super expensive) paints – just to see. I got home and started on my daily apple, excited to experiment with my new paints. And… well, I have mixed feelings. There was no way I could predict this – I just had to give it a go and although they didn’t “act” the way I expected I’m very glad I got them and I know that I will find a way to incorporate them in a way that works and is blessedly predictable. If that doesn’t end up happening at least I tried and know and can now make a situational decision.

I plan on looking for ways to break out of my usual and normal situation – I might not be able to predict the outcome but like Martha, I can feel confident that I’ll meet it with happiness no matter what because that circumstance I can determine!

Until tomorrow.


Day 310 was created in a mixture of Danial Smith watercolors and my “usual” pallet as well as prismacolor pencils, graphite, and a gold sharpie! FUN

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Day 295 – A Smallish Nap… or Two

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Ninety Five”Let’s begin by taking a smallish nap or two.”
-Winnie the Pooh

Poor Pooh has been lost in the Harry Potter buzz. I adore Winnie The Pooh. Ok, so who doesn’t?

There is a new Disney animated film about the Hundred Acre Woods with the whole cast of characters – Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga & Roo, Eeyore, and TIGGER! I cannot wait to see it and get lost for a couple of hours in my childhood.

I also loved the book The Tao of Pooh – I think it would be a great time to re-read it. The book uses Pooh’s natural optimism and outlook to teach Taoism which is a way of appreciating and learning from whatever happens in everyday life. Get stuck in the door to your home, no problem, sit back and enjoy the time with a friend as you wait patiently to lose a few pounds. No need to panic, it will all sort out in time. Live in the present for heaven’s sake!

I didn’t sleep but a wink last night and my weary AS body needed a smallish nap or two today – and since Pooh begins most tasks in life with naps – how bad can they be?

Until tomorrow.


Day 295 was created in Black India Ink and Watercolor.

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