Day 194 – My Nest

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Ninety FourMy Mom is my best friend.

Well, my best girlfriend because my husband Doug and my Dad are my best friends too.

I am so lucky that they are all right here with me on this journey to create 365 apples. None of them told me I was crazy, none of them has ever doubted me in my quest. But, my Mom is my mom and my girlfriend and it’s a bit different – and very, very special. She is there for me whenever I need a sounding board or a pep talk. She is there for me cheering me on and helping me come up with ideas. She has also always known when to push me out of the nest and since we are so close (unfortunately not in miles but in spirit) she has had to tip me over that edge over and over and over in my life. I’m just so lucky that she’s also always been there to break my fall.

We were talking this afternoon and like most conversations we have in the late afternoon, I was bemoaning the fact that I had no idea what to create for the day. I think I may be getting to be a bit of a bore on the topic so thank goodness it’s my Mom who hears my frustrations and not all of you! So, today I was wondering what to create and she suggested a bird’s nest – the suggestion has been floated before but I’ve never gone with it even though I love the idea. So we laughed and we said goodnight – and she wondered what I would end up creating for her to see first thing in the morning when she signs on to The Feeding Edge for her “Daily Apple”

Won’t she be surprised that I used her idea!

Until tomorrow.


Day 194 was created in graphite, acrylic, watercolor, and strips of magazine clippings.

3 Replies to “Day 194 – My Nest”

  1. Aww Jenna it’s adorable, really excellent work and very creative. You are so lucky to have a beautiful family and friends that support you, you deserve it.

    1. Mirelle, this one was so fun to create. I was on the phone with Mom and she had the suggestion. As I started sketching it out I could just see it with the strips of paper. I don’t know how that happens but it’s my favorite part of the creative process. I am so lucky for my family but I am also extremely grateful for my AS friends I’ve met this year…. hint hint Mirelle 🙂 xox

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