Day Twenty five – Candy Corn

The most difficult thing about this process is that I have to produce because I have a deadline.  I can’t let any of you down and I WILL NOT let myself down.

As an artist the instinct is to keep going and keep going – it will be perfect if I add just a touch of this color here or change that line there.  The fact of the matter is that most likely “perfect” was probably 3/4 of the way to what you eventually pronounce done.  Most of the time perfect never comes but is more likely to happen from restraint.  I love to let some white of the page come through or shade without a smooth blend – it makes it human – and in this world of perfect computerized images – it makes it interesting.  So this endeavor is wonderful for developing these skills, sharpening the eye, and evolving as an artist.

Since I have to post before the end of the day – everyday – no matter what… I have to go for it and it isn’t easy.  Have any of you read Seth Godin?  He’s amazing and one of my big inspirations.  He speaks of entrepreneurs and business but the ideas hold true here – you have to ship or get nowhere.  I choose to ship.

Until tomorrow.