Day Fifty – Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s Birthday!

I am so lucky that she is my best friend, my biggest champion for following my dreams and talent, and the person I wanted to speak with when I was so sick that I was crying out in pain.  She was there at my side back in 2000 when I went to a doctor at a Stanford (yes, the Stanford) practice before I was diagnosed who asked me – “How is your marriage?”  Yeah, that was the cause of my pain – hah – going on 13 years…  I could see steam coming out of her ears.  When my Remicade treatment was delayed this month, she bless her dear heart, said “You are NOT going back there – go get that infusion!”

My mom, Susan, is amazingly smart (the go to in the family for all things concerning the English language – Bates College English major and first to correct our use of me vs. I and bring & take.) She is clever and quick and has a subtle, charming sense of humor and an amazing eye for design (although she will disagree.)  She is a wonderful grandmother to my brother’s kids and just retired from many years as the heart of my parents’ business and then a wonderful career at Bowdoin College.

I’m just so lucky she’s my Mom and I adore her.  So, Happy Birthday Mom – this apple celebration is for you!

Until tomorrow.


Day 50 was created with extra love and care….. and watercolor.  These apples are my first Golden Delicious – usually I go for the reds and greens but cake seemed like it would be better this way!