Day 190 – Gidday Australia!

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Ninety


A shout out to all my Australian friends!

I have met just the nicest people on this apple journey and I never thought I’d know anyone from Australia.

But, in fact, I’ve met a number of wonderful people. Naomi Creek was the first person to sign up for the Daily Apple email and her mother-in-law Betty has been such a lovely and unexpected jewel. On top of Naomi and Betty, I recently met Kate, a fellow AS’er, gluten free chef, and blogger. These three ladies make me crave a visit to the land down under – not for their amazing sights or connection to AS, but to meet my friends.

In addition to these new friendships, I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to provide my Day 135 Calligram Apple for a poster being given out at a seminar on Sunday in Melbourne for physiotherapists. I also did a video telling them about the Apples for AS and Hope & Apples Awareness Campaign.

Gidday and thank you to Australia and my amazing new friends!

Until tomorrow.


Day 190 was created in mixed media.