Day 118 – Full Spectrum

Here I go again about color…

Random Thought One:  Before I had any idea that I would study art at UMass, my parents bought a signed print of the full color spectrum of hearts by Jim Dine. I guess I was as intrigued by it as they were because I couldn’t stop looking at it. I can see it in my mind’s eye to this day and although I don’t consider the piece pop art apparently Wikipedia believes much of his work was. Here is a link to the piece, I may need to get one!

Random Thought Two:  One of my favorite web posts of 2010 was about the full color logos of the web from It seems the most popular colors are blue (facebook, twitter) and red (YouTube, Adobe) but the top two ranked for branding are full spectrum color logos (google, windows/msn). We are all drawn to images that contain all the colors in their pure light form.

Random Thought Three:  My Dad picked me up from college one spring. On the drive back to Maine a rainbow appeared. It was like we were magically in the perfect center of the arch and we could see an entire half circle all the way across the sky and then… the rainbow came across the trees and over the road and INTO the car – on both sides.  I kid you not!  Now, you have to understand my Dad – a more enthusiastic lover of life and people could not be found. So it was only natural for us to start hooting and hollering and rolling down the windows to marvel at the revelation that there is treasure at the end of the rainbow. You just have to accept that you won’t find gold but something much, much more valuable.

Until tomorrow.


Day 118 was created in watercolor and a touch of pearl metallic.

***Update*** My Dad added this in the comments but I’d like to add it here too:

Bill Dye’s comments “You have brought back such a wonderful memory; the two of us experiencing the startling revelation that the prize at the end of the rainbow was the joy of self and the thrill that we could see and feel it together. It came through the windows and right into our laps. As in the description of the family’s experience in San Francisco as told at the bottom of this link: it might not be as easy to explain scientifically as your older brother, Michael, told us later that day with his dispersing prisms, optics and refraction, we lived a moment in time that we’ll never forget that spot on I-495 just north of the Merrimack River in Lawrence, MA right across from the Lawrence airport. Your lucky Mom gets reminded of the event every time we pass that spot. As we lived that incredible experience, I feel that you’ve been touched by a rare sense of color and it’s powerful potential; thanks for sharing it with us daily. I really dread day 366; hope it won’t end. Couldn’t love you more.”