Looking Back – Day 72 – Woven Apple

Today is Day 72 of the Art Apple A Day Retrospective – for information on the project click here.

Day Seventy Two – December 11, 2010

Looking back 10 years ago today…

I was discussing how much I admire people who have such skill in how they weave flavors together. As a foodie with a sensitive palate, I am in awe when I taste something that feels/tastes new and different. Because of this love for the experience, I’m up for trying most anything and have tried a lot over the years. It’s interesting this post came up today…

Shifting to today in 2020: I saw my friend Sabrina (a friend from Australia who I met during the first year of apples and who will come into the story later in the year…) posted a photo of her dinner on Facebook that she had made that night. My eyes get wide and that tingly happy feeling comes over me when I see a dish of something I’ve never heard of. It was called Peri peri chicken or Piri Piri. I did a quick Google search and the first recipe was uninteresting – adding sriracha to BBQ sauce – um… that’s a given any old day.

I persisted. I knew from the name and her photo this HAD to have some interesting flavors.

The second and third recipes looked great! I had all but a few ingredients so I added the Bird’s Eye and Serrano chilies to my Whole Foods Amazon order (an occasional indulgence) and we’ll be having it on Sunday when the fam is here to do a very extra special Christmas video! I’ll keep you posted on how the flavors and meal turns out! My Dad and brothers are just as insane about flavors and two of the three will be here to confer with!

To see my original Day 72 post ~ Woven Apple ~ from 10 years ago click here or on the image above.

And the story will continue tomorrow…

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