Day Twenty two – Save the Cat Apple

So, I was thinking today about why cats go running up trees.  Do you think they know that they may not find their way down or that they may get stuck and need help?  It seems that it is just their nature and they head that way regardless.

But, isn’t that what we all do – go running full steam ahead without any idea where we’re going.  Isn’t that the point of life – lead it – full steam ahead.  So – for all the non cat lovers out there perhaps they are smarter than you think and perhaps they just want to see the view from the top.

Personally, I’m a cat person!

Until tomorrow.


P.S.  Please send me your ideas – I’ve got another 343 days left.

P.P.S.  In memoriam FDNY 343

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  1. Jenna,

    Aside from working at the Spondylitis Association (and loving every minute of it) I’m also on the board of a cat sanctuary. I only found your blog this morning and love it all. This one, however, hits both of my passions. I don’t know how you decide who you donate your pieces to but my cat charity (Heaven on Earth Society for Animals) is celebrating our 10th year with an event on November 14th. We’re having a silent auction and I know that I, for one, would bid on this piece. Just sayin!

    1. Diann,
      I would love to support your organization. I’m holding the Art Apple pieces for a little bit but I’d love to send you something for your silent auction. Please send me an email with the information about where I can send you something. Hopefully you’ll like what I send you too. I’ll make sure it is kitty related 🙂

  2. Jenna won’t tell the story, so I will. It’s a story about coincidences. She was drawing this apple, with the idea of rescuing the cat – and wanted to have the firemen in the picture. The question arose about what color are the helmets? She googled pictures of fireman’s helmets, and found helmets in yellow and black. She then googled FDNY, and saw a picture of a helmet that said FDNY and 343. Why 343? We looked it up, and that’s the number of New York firefighters who died saving others on 9/11/2001. To make this even more eerie, later she asked me “what’s 365 minus 22?” I said “why?” “Because this is day twenty two, and I want to know how many days are left to make a whole year?” Of course, the answer is 343. So today, on day twenty two, she was drawing a “Big Apple” with firemen rescuing a kitten. She has 343 apples to go to have a year’s worth of “an apple a day.”

  3. Yea Jenna. Brilliant and beautiful, just like it’s creator. Love and hugs, Jill xoxoxo
    Family reunion next august in Vermont!

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