Day Twenty three – Green Pastel

I decided to make chicken soup, cauliflower soup, and chicken enchilada casserole – this afternoon!  I’ve pretty much figured out that if I’m going to work full time, have a life,  and create my apples then something has gotta give.  So I’ll need to prepare some food ahead.

So, before starting on chopping onions and picking chicken (I hate to pick chicken) I thought that I would run into town – ha – it’s 15 miles, and go to Guiry’s for some new paper and new  pastels.  Some women covet handbags – I want more art supplies – I could really care less about what I carry my stuff around in ( ok, maybe I care a bit – lol).  I’ve got my eye on a new red sable watercolor brush because the one my grandmother gave me (oh my goodness – almost 25 years ago) has the paint all flaking off the wooden handle and is all loose where the metal holds the hair.  It still has a nice point on it but it isn’t quite how it used to be but it’s really the only watercolor brush I use and it has a lot of sentimental value.  But seriously, check out the point on this No. 6!

Ok – I’ve gone off track a bit.  I put my pastels to the test in today’s apple and I wrote down around 40 ideas for apples to come…

Until tomorrow.


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  1. Wow, I really like this one! I liked many of your other 20+ but this one to me stands out. Maybe it was your old brush story.

    1. Tisha,
      Thank you so much! I’m so glad to be reconnecting with some old friends and I really appreciate the posts and support. It’s a funny thing about art and tastes – I love hearing which pieces connect with people and why. I’m thinking halloween apples today – we’ll see!

  2. I can see your Christmas tree now -ornaments of brushes, pastels and tubes of paint each tied with ribbon and hung from the bows, and apples – fresh ones, painted ones, drawings, clay and ornament ones- and Bill can compose a Marguerite-type poem about you and the old brush and all the new ones you will get as a result of today’s post!
    I am going to make roasted butternut squash soup now!

    1. Elizabeth,
      Funny thing is that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Christmas apples since last night – stay tuned. I love. Love. Love the ideas of the christmas tree you describe. Perhaps I could tie them all up with blue ribbons for spondylitis awareness! I’ll need that butternut squash soup recipe – just picked one out of my garden! Jenna –
      p.s. it was Mom’s mother Ruth who gave me the red sable brush but a Marguerite type poem would be fantastic!

  3. I’m with you on the handbags – I’ll take scrapbooking supplies any time!! I look forward to each new apple as your talent is simply inspiring!!

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