Day Thirty three – Election day!

Did you vote?

I’m asking people who come by my blog to vote on my daily Art Apples (although not many of you are exercising that right.)  But, with a one to five stars system – it’s easy to decide.  How much did you like what I did instead of yes or no/good or bad, this team vs. that team.  It gives room for saying, “I approve but not my favorite” or, “loved it” and even a, “not your best work.”  Feedback is good and it gives the doer some idea about your thoughts on their work so that you can get more of what you like best.

I know it’s hard to choose sides in so many things in life – blonds vs. brunettes, dogs person/cat person, coffee or tea, or even Star Wars or Star Trek?  And now we are accustomed to a least 5 options for any decision.  Maybe we could rate our politicians and legislation on a one to five star approval – lol.  Maybe then more people would vote!

Until tomorrow.


Day 33 was made with Speedball liquid acrylics

*** As an aside, this blog is not a Democracy – you can vote early and often!

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  1. I voted at the polls and on your post. I would have given it a five star vote, but I didn’t want to always say it is the best! (Although, you know I think it is.)

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