Day Thirty six – Little Black Rain Cloud

Some days it feels like a dark cloud follows you around.  If that cloud could just be Whinny( oops! Winnie) the Pooh!  Guess that’s what I get for whining 🙂

I was due for my Remicade infusion today but just found out that it will be at least another month for them to get the approval of the new insurance.  So… just a bit down.  I promise a cute, upbeat image for you all tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.


Day 36 was created with graphite on paper.

3 Replies to “Day Thirty six – Little Black Rain Cloud”

  1. Nobody panic! There’s no way she’ll go an extra month without her infusion! As I keep telling her, we’ll just pay for it and work on the reimbursement later. The infusions are pricey, but like I told Jenna, we aren’t planning on buying a big screen TV now anyway.

  2. Doug looks more like Harrison than Harrison in this photo- odd, eh?
    It’s Eeyore who is the doom and gloom guy from Winnie the Pooh- and I felt the same way when I read your note- the entire health care system is broken; even when you have it, you don’t!
    Glad to read Doug’s response, and it does not surprise me in the least.

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