Day Thirty – Apple n’ Bones

I had such a creative block today.

Tomorrow for Halloween I have an Apple o’ Lantern planned but I think I’ve done every conceivable Halloween image possible.  At least it seems that way but with 365 days of apples needed, I will be creating Art Apples that are relevant to the calendar, current events and happenings so please humor me with a few more Halloween apples.  LOL!

Doug was wonderful help to me talking it out and giving suggestions.  I thought maybe a caramel apple or a Beetle Juice apple (I would have loved to do a Beetle Juice Apple but I couldn’t face doing a Tim Burton inspired apple and risk not doing it justice.)  So…  One of my thoughts was to do a skeleton but I couldn’t figure out a good way to incorporate the apple – but my sweet, clever husband came up with a solution.  He did however think I should have added some color but I love it just black and white.  Hope you do too!

Until tomorrow.


Day Thirty was created with archival black ink.

2 Replies to “Day Thirty – Apple n’ Bones”

  1. Actually this is from Mom –
    I was going to say that you’ve captured the “core”pse beautifully, but since it is a skeleton, not a corpse – I had to pass on the remark.
    Today’s post will end the first month!
    We walked on Lane’s island yesterday amid the huckleberry, bayberry and blueberry bushes in their fall colors and thought about how many shades of red, yellow and green you will have to work from in the next months. The surf was beautiful and the wind chilly.

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