Day Ninety four – a web of shards

A web of shards – well, I got your attention!

I had no idea what to call this apple so… what do you think?  LoL!

Remicade infusion tomorrow!  I’ve managed to make it to seven weeks!  I really wasn’t sure I could do it but it will definitely help the savings account :0  I’m so looking forward to getting my “rat juice” – that’s what I call it because it’s made with some type of mouse protein and it makes my infusion nurses scream and my fellow Remicade pals laugh.  My Dad has a pig valve and I get rat juice; we are quite the pair!  Better living through chemistry – well, and science and a great heart surgeon for Dad!

Until tomorrow.


Day 94 was made with ….. elmer’s glue (the web) and a mixture of watercolor and liquid acrylics.

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