Day Ninety – Apple Whimsy

Thank goodness for different tastes.

I don’t think I have a “style” – in fact I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to what I like to wear vs. how I decorate my home and my art is all over the place.  Perhaps that would make you call me wishy washy or indecisive but I’d like to believe it comes from a love of color and interesting things regardless of  a way they should or could fit into my life in a nice, neat package.  Nothing magazine perfect here!  And whimsy falls into that category – quirky, colorful, and a bit odd.  Just like me.

Until tomorrow.


Day 90 was created with a new 9B pencil and watercolor.  The graphite gives a different effect than my usual black archival ink – a beautiful illustration technique I recently saw on an art blog – I can’t find the site tonight but I loved the effect and I had to try my hand at it.

2 Replies to “Day Ninety – Apple Whimsy”

    1. Betty – I’d like you to have this one! I’m holding on to the originals to see if I can get a showing of the entire collection but I’m giving some away (eventually) to people who are supportive of those of us going through AS and RA and related diseases. Your support of me and especially Naomi is so important and a true blessing. So, I’d like you to have the original of Day 90 – it just may be a bit before I get it to you… hope that’s ok. Best to you! Jenna

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