Day Forty seven – Celtic Heart Apple

I know nothing about Celtic Designs.  What I love about the culture is the patterns that are centuries old.  I started looking at the symbolism and myth when I came across this Celtic Knot that is tied in a way to make a heart by intertwining the rope just so.

Who’s heart doesn’t twist and turn and get tied up in knots – our stomach’s don’t have the corner of the market on that!

Until tomorrow.


Watch this video to see how it’s made!

Day 47 was made with ink and watercolor.

5 Replies to “Day Forty seven – Celtic Heart Apple”

  1. Always a surprise. We used a Celtic Knot as the design for the handle on a recent hearth screen and I’ve been fascinated by its texture and simple complexity. Oh yes, it sells quite well. As an old scout, I’ve always enjoyed binding things together but never had Willard’s (dad) skill at splicing rope. I played a couple of the videos on the link; can’t wait to have a piece of rope in my hands the next time I play them. Thanks for opening this door.

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