Day Forty nine – Happy Appletini!

I have been emailing and becoming friends with a lot of new people I’ve met since I started making my Art Apples on October 1st.

Christine sends me great apple ideas and today I received an email from her after she saw yesterday’s post saying that she was going to suggest an Appletini but it looked like I had beat her to it.  It was Tee-ney!  So I thought I’d go with the thought.  I’ve got some great apple ideas for the next few days – sign up via email or RSS to get notice of everyday’s new apple!  Tomorrow is Day Fifty!!!

Until tomorrow.


Day 49 was created with pen, ink and watercolor.

One Appletini, two appletini, three appletine, FLOOR!

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  1. I meant to comment yesterday but too much got caught up racing for the ferry. Your image reminded me of the sophisticated Lord and Taylor ads years ago in the New York Times; line art of tall, svelte models with stylized fonts similar to the your lettering. Very cosmopolitan…..great New Yorker look. Hope you run with this style again.

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