Day Forty eight – Miniature Apple

It is so vast out there!  The internet that is supposed to make our world smaller by instantly connecting over 6 billion of us can often make me feel very, very tiny.  Not small but tiny.  Tiny in comparison to the total number of pageviews, twitter followers, likes and hits that this so called connectedness causes us, well me anyway, to be conscience of.  I may need to rethink my purpose here.  I’m spending too much time worrying about the insignificant things and not the art and whether or not it can help.  Is it making any difference?  Can it ever?  I am committed to my 365 days of Apples and I believe that people will and do like what I’m doing here but….  people will either “like” it or not.  And if you do – please pass this site on to someone else who might like it also.  I am going to go paint 🙂

Until tomorrow.


Day Forty eight was created with watercolor.

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