Day Fifty eight – Dash of this, some of that.

A dash of this and a hint of that  – and mix it all up.  Mixed media or collage are such a boring names for throwing it all together.  Maybe I’ll start calling mixed media pieces “everything but the kitchen sink” or “visual carnival” or perhaps more appropriately, “disparate madness” – ooh I like it!  If I use any of those maybe I’ll loosen up a bit with them.  How can you take something too seriously if you call it a visual carnival.  Here’s a great quote I just recently came across – “Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.” –Brendan Gill

I think he’s right.

Until tomorrow.


Day 58 was created with everything but the kitchen sink.

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  1. Hey honey? How do you spell entourage? Don’t worry, I’ll look it up. No, don’t get up, I can do it. Why’s the dictionary in her studio? Oh well, let’s see… ek, el, em, en, ens – hey! HEY! JENNA!

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