Day Eighty five – Christmas Eve

So, I procrastinated the food shopping until today when Doug could go along as well.  It was very busy but there was a great energy in the supermarket.  Lots of folks buying holiday yummies.  We have a tradition in our family to make seafood newburg for Christmas Eve dinner.  It isn’t quite the same out here in Colorado as the amazing fresh seafood that my family is able to get in Maine but we make it none the less!  I wish I had been with them all today – the text messages and phone calls were wonderful to keep my spirits up.

We also spent some time making fudge and preparing for the turkey we’re going to cook and take to the Ballow’s house tomorrow to add to the myriad of dishes that Stacey is creating.  A ham, scalloped potatoes, pumpkin pie, cherry cobbler – oh my goodness – I’ve gained 5 pounds just thinking of it all.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.

Until tomorrow,


Day 85 was created with pen & ink and watercolor.

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