Day 365 – Not The End… Just The Beginning!

The Big Apple has been wonderful.

After two days of muggy overcast skies we woke to a beautiful sunny morning. The perfect day for the last apple.

I have so many things I want to say and my list of thank yous is very, very long so I want to make sure to take the time to do it well. I’ve painted 50 apples today so far – we’ll see how far and how many I can paint. The number of apples from all of you have yet to be counted but I’m so touched by every single glorious one!

Until Sunday.


Day 365 was created in liquid acrylic paints – a golden apple!

*** So sorry for such a late post – can you believe that on Day 365 – I almost FORGOT to post!

2 Replies to “Day 365 – Not The End… Just The Beginning!”

  1. AMEN! You did it! OF COURSE! Will be thinking about you making those apples all night tonight……well at least until I fall asleep. You are blessed with an incredible family and talent. AS can’t stop you. EVER!

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