Day 351 – Don’t Let Yesterday Use Up Too Much Of Today

Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. – Cherokee Proverb

Oh, how difficult this is. I find it amazing what my mind goes back to. I love the idea of living in the moment and not dwelling on the past but what an incredibly difficult practice this is. I think this proverb is a realistic approach don’t you? As long as we don’t spent too much of today in yesterday then it’s been a good day!

Until tomorrow.


Day 351 was created in acrylic, watercolor, white gel pen, red spray paint.

***Thank you Rita for gathering Apples For AS at your art class on Sept 24th. The Apples In The Orchard class will be taught in oil pastels – Rita will have a table set up in the middle of an orchard in Beemerville, NJ! For more information on Rita’s classes and Art Camps please visit her website! Thank you so much Rita – we can’t wait to see the beautiful apple creations that are inspired by such a great setting!

2 Replies to “Day 351 – Don’t Let Yesterday Use Up Too Much Of Today”

  1. I’m guilty of that myself, when all I really want to do is live in the moment. I love the way you used the colors in this one.

  2. Good Morning form NJ! I”ve been gearing up all week to run a prize table at the Fall Festival, a fundraiser for my children’s school. A new door opened up when we went to their Back to School night this week…my son’s 2nd grade teacher asked me if I could come in next Wednesday to teach an art lesson on apples. WOW!! Coincidence?
    I plan to talk about Paul Cezanne first. He painted a lot of apples; but I read that he would first hold each apple for a period of time as if to connect. He would then roll it in his hands, smell it, and rub it to a shine. I think kids will enjoy that too! I will surely tell the kids about you and gather more apples to send in.

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