Day 299 – I’m Alright

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Ninety NineI am so much better today.

Thank you to everyone for letting me have a moment. Sometimes in life I think we just need to let it all out – oy – I guess I did! I had my infusion today so the pain has already subsided some.

Remicade can really wipe me out for a few days while the magic TNF blockers grab hold of the inflammatory cytokines and render them ineffective. It’s like my body just wants to put energy to making sure the protein gets spread around and finds all the places it can go to work.

Exhausting work 🙂

I’m Alright makes me think of the Kenny Logins song – so here you go – take a moment to go back a few years, think for a moment about Bill Murray and Caddyshack and remind yourself, like I have needed to do today. We are all – alright!

Until tomorrow.


Day 299 was created in pastels.

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2 Replies to “Day 299 – I’m Alright”

  1. Of course you’re alright…and also entitled to let it all out. You Rock…probably just as much as KL does in that video.

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