Day 295 – A Smallish Nap… or Two

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Ninety Five”Let’s begin by taking a smallish nap or two.”
-Winnie the Pooh

Poor Pooh has been lost in the Harry Potter buzz. I adore Winnie The Pooh. Ok, so who doesn’t?

There is a new Disney animated film about the Hundred Acre Woods with the whole cast of characters – Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga & Roo, Eeyore, and TIGGER! I cannot wait to see it and get lost for a couple of hours in my childhood.

I also loved the book The Tao of Pooh – I think it would be a great time to re-read it. The book uses Pooh’s natural optimism and outlook to teach Taoism which is a way of appreciating and learning from whatever happens in everyday life. Get stuck in the door to your home, no problem, sit back and enjoy the time with a friend as you wait patiently to lose a few pounds. No need to panic, it will all sort out in time. Live in the present for heaven’s sake!

I didn’t sleep but a wink last night and my weary AS body needed a smallish nap or two today – and since Pooh begins most tasks in life with naps – how bad can they be?

Until tomorrow.


Day 295 was created in Black India Ink and Watercolor.

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11 Replies to “Day 295 – A Smallish Nap… or Two”

  1. Thanks Jenna. I love it when Pooh has courage to get honey! The Love for Winne The Pooh goes back way…. before Harry Potter – but both are magical 🙂

    “Tigger is all right really,” said piglet lazily
    “Of Course he is,” said Christopher Robin
    “Everyone is Really, said Pooh “That’s what I think” said Pooh. “But I don’t suppose I’m right,” he said
    “Of Course you are,” said Christopher Robin

    1. Hi Valerie!
      They are both magical for sure. Doug and I are planning a Harry Potter marathon movie weekend. We want to watch all the movies for a refresher and then go see the new one.

      Life by Pooh – love it!

  2. It is a comfort for me to forget that AS is integral to your life. When you are home, your voice sounds good on the phone and your pictures are lively. AS intrudes, but doesn’t overwhelm. When you are here, I know that AS is an always present, constant rope twining through your body and mind. I see the tiredness and the pain. I hope you take Pooh’s advice whenever needed. I love you.

    1. Oh mumma. I wish I could keep it from you but you know me so well. I’ve learned over the years that I don’t want the people who are closest to me to feel the pain too – but I know you all understand when I need to slow down and rest.

      Something I just read that gives me comfort: “God dwells in you, AS you” – this is who I am – A.S. and all – it was to be no other way.

      Bigger than the sky kind of love,

    1. Ha! I know there is sweet and adorable under that Eeyore facade! There is a slight “problem” with the quiz… it asks different questions depending on your visit. Last night it said I was Rabbit (that perplexed me) and today it says I’m Pooh – we’ll see who I am tomorrow! Love you – grumpy, happy, and anywhere in between. xox

  3. Oh my goodness!!! How cute is this?! My girls & I adore it. Fabulous. We are huge Hundred Acre Wood fans around here. We are currently reading The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh {a FAT volume!}

    Natalie, as a baby, fell in love with Tigger. She had a Pooh nursery.

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