Day 287 – Four Hundred Smiles

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Eighty SevenI want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile. – Charles de Lint

So much can be found in a simple smile. Love, joy, contempt, pride, and yes – happiness! I love the site Have you been there? It is a non-profit with the mission to collect “ideas worth spreading.” I can get completely caught up in the amazing people who they invite to speak on a topic. Today I listened to a man speak about happiness from a very scientific approach arguing that the more choices we have the less happy we become. This sounds counter intuitive but his thesis was intriguing and very interesting. And that talk led me to hearing a man by the name of Ron Gutman speak about smiles.

I love to smile – it is my natural tendency that I’m quick to smile. Mr. Gutman discusses research into the fact that people who smile a lot become more successful. And, smiling is also healthy! Smiling can reduce stress-enhancing hormones, increase endorphins and lower blood pressure.

So – I guess I see smiles like I see apples. The more the better for our health!

Until tomorrow.


Day 287 was created in black india ink and watercolor on yellow paper.

In The Studio

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4. Interesting fact of the Day – The iconic yellow smiley face was created by Harvey Ball



7 Replies to “Day 287 – Four Hundred Smiles”

    1. I was wondering if someone would ask…

      In the Ted Talk video that I highlight about smiling (it’s worth the 7 minutes) but you can scan the transcript to the right if you are in a hurry. Mr. Gutman speaks of the average amount of times people smile a day. Children smile as many as 400 times a day but by the time we’re adults that number is drastically reduced – we are lucky if we smile 20 times a day and a full 14% of us smile less than 5 times in one day. What happens to us? Why? So I figure if I can keep the 400 number in my mind at least it may make me smile more often!

      1. I figured it was in the video – I went to the site but didn’t watch it. I’ll try to get past my usual 5 times a day.

    1. I figure I got a whole bunch of days filled with smiles in my bank being with the whole family and my precious nieces and nephews! How lucky am I! – it’s making me smile just thinking of it! xoxo Love you MOM!

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