Day 285 – Affects of Effects

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Eighty FiveI’ve had a wonderful time in Maine!

I loved being home and I was so lucky to spend so much time with everyone. The affect this visit has had on my mental state has been tremendous! I had hit a place in my project where I was feeling very burnt out and overwhelmed. By being home with my family it makes me just realize even more that it is time to return. I’ve been away for almost 20 years and my spirit soars in Maine in a different kind of way.

I was speaking with my 14 year old nephew Jarod about how the effects of places and spaces have an affect on our psychies, our emotions, and our well-being. Where we feel at home is due to the people in our lives – I’m at home wherever Doug is – but a type of place or a city or a specific home can have enormous power. I’m ready to find a way to move back and be in the place that feels good and with my family who I’ve been separated from for half my life.

I am headed home to Doug today – he is my home.  But after this amazing trip I think I have him convinced it’s time for a change for both of us.

Until tomorrow.


Day 285 was created in mixed media: graphite, india ink, watercolor, and acrylics. I then ran the image through a creative effect filter in my graphics software and completely changed the look. One image created by hand, another by magic. The affect of the effects are quite stunning. Sometimes in life we need change – because when we do – amazing results can happen.

In The Studio

1. Countdown – 80 days to Apple-A-Thon!

2. My process photo from today.

3. Apple Recipe of the Day – Blueberry, Apple and Rhubarb Crisp.

4. Interesting Article of the Day – New genetic study of Ankylosing Spondylitis.



4 Replies to “Day 285 – Affects of Effects”

  1. This apple is lovely Jenna – superb colours 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean about being around family, and when you couple that with inspiring and beautiful surrounds it makes it even more special.

    I know I am not in “my right place” yet and hope to be there some day soon.

    It’s exciting that you have plans for a future near your family:)

  2. Jenna,
    I love today’s apple. It’s beautiful! Great job! Being with family is the best. It’s amazing what it takes sometimes to rejuvenate ourselves.

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