Day 283 – Reminisce & Plan

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Eighty ThreeWe took the ferry home from Vinalhaven this afternoon.

It was another perfect day in Maine. We took the 1pm ferry to get back to my parents home in time to set up my paints on the screened in porch. Although it was hot – the breeze was refreshing and rustled the leaves in the tree tops. Nate and his girlfriend Marisa arrived and I handed them each a sheet of paper; they both sat down and created beautiful and unique apples. The apples my family have created are amazing gifts to me.

Three generations sat around the table for dinner – how lucky we are that spending time together is a gift and not a chore. We laughed, reminisced and laughed some more. We talked of trips we had all taken, of Vinalhaven, of plans for the future.

Our lives are all at such different stages – what a blessing to have family come together to reminisce and plan. Times like these are something to share and cherish.

Until tomorrow.


Day 283 was created in acrylic paint.

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