Day 272 – Love and Vinalhaven

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Seventy Two

I love Maine and – oh how I love the island of Vinalhaven!

To get to Vinalhaven or (VH) for short – you must take an hour and fifteen minute ferry ride from Rockland harbor, with views of Isleboro (where John Travolta flies in and out), North Haven, Cedar, Hurricane, and Greenes island, through The Reach and into Vinalhaven harbor.

The Maine State Ferry Service has a pair of ferries that run between the main land and Vinalhaven 6 times a day in the summer with limited service during the winter months. Keep in mind – not on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Vinalhaven has the largest year round community of all islands in Maine but there is no movie theater, no shopping mall, and most certainly no cell coverage. There are three types of people on the island – native residents, transplants, and summer folk. My folks don’t fit into any of these categories – they can’t seem to find it in themselves to close the house for the winter. Although the island comes alive in the summer, the winters are beautiful. Vinalhaven has become a part of all of us – it has gotten under our skin and become a place our family gathers. It is a diamond in the rough – one of those undiscovered gems that remains pure and simple in the midst of our complicated lives.  I look forward to the fact that my cell phone will not work – that I can truly unplug and relax and enjoy the time with my family.

One of the summer residents turned islander is a famous artist by the name of Robert Indiana. Mr. Indiana become known for his pop art image of the word “love” stacked in a square letter upon letter like you see here. I’m sure you recognize it; it has been transformed over and over again most recently morphed into the word “hope” leading up to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Indiana has his home and studio in a large Victorian building on Main Street just a few doors down from the Gawker restaurant (best fried scallops you’ll ever have) and across the street from the public parking lot where the VH Senior center sorts cans every Sunday to raise funds (Maine is one of 11 some odd states that has a $.05 bottle return.)

Doug and I flew to Maine today and will be on Vinalhaven tomorrow where life is calmer and simpler and often consists of sitting on the deck enjoying a gin and tonic or… caulking the windows in the basement.

Until tomorrow.


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