Day 269 – Miscellany

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Sixty Nine“Arrange whatever pieces come your way” – Virginia Wolfe

Take the miscellany of life and put it together into something interesting. I can’t decide my favorite way to talk about the conglomeration of the pieces of my life.  Bits and bobs, hodgepodge, and Doug’s favorite (he’s a crossword buff) – olio!

Collage your miscellany together – they may seem disparate but in fact the pieces that come our way – are meant to.

Rejoice in diversity!

Until tomorrow.


Day 269 was created in ink and magazine scraps. Can you tell who’s “eye” has been included in this apple?

In The Studio With Jenna

1. Countdown – 97 days to Apple-A-Thon!

2. I will be starting to take an in process photo while I’m in my studio – here is the photo from today.

3. Apple Recipe of the Day – Caramelized Onion−Apple Soup with Blue Cheese Croutons

4. Interesting Article of the Day – Love Is Not A Pie

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