Day 263 – Stormy Weather

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Sixty ThreeIt poured today!

Now, this may not be big news but it was very odd for late June in Colorado. We get brief intense thunderstorms often with hail in the summer months but it rained all night and to about noon today. I loved it! The smell of rain on a summer morning makes me think of home and summer camp and makes me want to curl up with a book with a kitty on my lap.

Until tomorrow.


Day 263 was created in acrylic paints. I often use small plastic tupperware containers to mix paint – the left over acrylics build up over time creating a thick layer and since it is basically plastic on plastic I was able to peel the build up out in one piece. I cut out a shape of an apple and attached it and created a stormy rain effect.

4 Replies to “Day 263 – Stormy Weather”

  1. Love todays apple Jenna, also I could so picture you sitting with book and kitty as you described!! It a wet day here, but the dull damp drizzly miserable kind of day, unfortunately I have to go out in it, but have appointment with GP then optician to pick up 2 new pairs of specs……. have a great day x

    1. HI Jackie,
      Oh how I love my kitties! Hope the spec shopping went well – if I could guess – they will be fun ones to go with the wonderful red hair! I went super red for a bit this last year – it gave me strength! Hummmmm —– I may need to think of going back to being a red head! xox Jenna

  2. Upon us all… a little rain must fall.

    Hopefully now that Summer is upon us, we will see our fair share of sun shine as well.

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