Day 262 – Sparkle and Shine

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Sixty TwoMy Dad is one of the most remarkable people I know.

You may think it’s strange of me to name a post about my Dad – “Sparkle and Shine” – but that is what he does.

His goodness shines out of him, his smile sparkles and his laugh is contagious. My Dad makes friends of strangers and is interested in who people are – what their life story is about. I look forward to our phone calls and hearing of his travels because I never know if I’ll hear about a man & his family bakery, a woman traveling to Africa for safari, or the missionary working with an adoption center in Ethiopia. He is earnest in his interest and concern for others and his ability to connect with people in such a genuine way is truly unique.

I could tell you so much more about him like how he tackles a problem, big or small, with determination and a stamina that is unmatched. He and my Mom bought a big old Mansard roof victorian home on an island off the coast of Maine that was in dismal shape and he has worked on it and worked on it ignoring the people who said it was too big a job, too much of a task. Dad has taken it one day and one step at a time and now he has a jewel and although he’s had some help – it was his vision and tenacity that have made it what it is.

This image shows some of the ancient wall paper that covered room after room of the walls. He’s scraped, sanded, painted, polished and now tirelessly creates the gardens. He has turned a dilapidated neglected structure into a place like him – it sparkles and shines and glows. It matches the happiness in his heart – a truly special place.

I love you Daddy.

Until tomorrow.


Day 262 was created in 40 year old wallpaper sent to me by my Dad for a day I might be inspired by it. Oh, and some sparkly metallic paints.

*** My Mom has made our island house a home – and she’s worked her tail off too!

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  1. What wonderful, generous words and feelings on Father’s Day. I’ve been thinking of your day 251 where you question the nature versus nurture impact on a person’s development and outlook on life. It has to be a combination. I was telling your Mother yesterday that I feel that I work hard on a project such as the island house in order to see the results. Generally, those results please all of us involved which in turn motivates me for the next project or process. Sharing and pleasing others makes me genuinely happy. I couldn’t be prouder to see your talent, creativity and determination reflected in your 365 day epic journey to broaden awareness of AS. If some of your drive came from the genes and environment we offered, how wonderful. Your biggest fan loves you more than the sky. By the way, there were three layers of wall paper on the water damaged ceiling of the third floor; I’m gratified you found art in it!

      1. I was “wondering” about that – LOL but … he is a but of a WONDER man – Maybe I’ll get him a t-shirt with a big ‘W’ on it!

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