Day 248 – Marker Madness

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Forty EightI completely procrastinated my apple today!

I needed to clear my head today. I hopped in my truck and headed for town, windows down – radio blaring!

It is finally warm so I headed for the Farmer’s market and just tooted around looking at the flowers, veggies, art and jewelry. It was nice to just be. I needed some time alone to let all of life’s stresses go but when I got home I had all my Sunday chores to do – well, after a glorious and much needed nap which put me very far behind on my schedule. And – an apple still needed to be created.

They aren’t a burden – they aren’t. But, some days they take every ounce of everything I’ve got in me to get it done and fulfill the promise I’ve made to make one every single day. A day off in October will feel really great – and really weird too!

So…. I thought about the fact that two days ago I told you all to just scribble and that I should put my advice to paper! Here is an apple I created with markers – just markers. I let go and went for it.

Hope you like it!

Until tomorrow.


Day 248 was created in Letraset Pantone Tria Markers

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