Day 246 – Scribble Scramble

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Forty SixScribbles are full of energy and intensity!

Take out a piece of paper this weekend and just scribble. Scribble your frustrations, your happiness – whatever you may be feeling – feel it while you let go.

Scribble into a shape or words or just let loose,  create a Jackson Pollock type of mess even! Use a rainbow of colors even just a ball point pen. Just do it! I bet you that after you do – you will feel so much better. I know I do!

Until tomorrow.


Day 246 was scribbled in pastels.

4 Replies to “Day 246 – Scribble Scramble”

  1. Seriously? I just did a scribble. Know what it looks like? Scribbling. Yours? An apple. A very nice apple. It’s not fair.

    1. Well – thank goodness I have some redeeming qualities 🙂 I’m not so great at normal stuff like putting the laundry away or getting dinner on the table at a reasonable hour or keeping shopping lists so at least I can scribble like this! I find it not fair that you can calculate numbers and dates at a high rate – in your head. It’s not fair. LOL What in life if?

      I love you sweetie!

    1. Thanks Vic – I will not give up! I promise to keep on my journey even when the going gets tough – that is the only way to STAND TALL!

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