Day 239 – Everything’s Coming Up – weeds?

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Thirty NineThe rain has done its glory – things are greening up!

Unfortunately a lot of the green is weeds! Oh my goodness – they appeared out of nowhere and when you live on 6 acres of basically developed farmland – the weeds win.

Doug does a fantastic job every year keeping the noxious weeds knocked down – it’s a battle of wills and Doug sort or wins – it just takes a lot of time and a lot of very expensive round up 🙂 For all my garden friends – he isn’t allowed within 20′ of my veggie garden with that stuff but it keeps the bind weed and – oh goodness – what are those other horrible beast weeds? – Doug? Look for Doug’s comments – I’m sure he will love to tell us!

We’ll finally spend a weekend in the garden – mostly attacking the things that make our landscape beautiful from a distance and annoying close up. Well, that is except for the time we have to spend finding and installing a new dishwasher – there is always something isn’t there?

Until tomorrow.


Day 239 was created in mixed media – loved creating this one!

2 Replies to “Day 239 – Everything’s Coming Up – weeds?”

  1. Well, that would be RoundUp® (we’ve decided the cheaper stuff doesn’t do it.) As for the weeds? There’s bind weed, mullein, and #$@&*. Mostly #$@&*.

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