Day 237 – Formal Apple

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Thirty SevenThis time of year makes me so happy – proms, weddings and celebrations!

When Doug and I were planning our wedding we decided to buy him a tuxedo instead of renting one and his best man, Bob and one of the grooms men did the same. They were so cute trying those tuxes on – I remember it so clearly. A simple, elegant, classic tux actually did come in handy a few times after our wedding which seems amazing but we also looked for a few occasions. Doug went to a halloween party as James Bond – martini glass and accent in {hand?} – and a few interesting parties. Maybe he’ll remember more where else he wore that tux but when we moved to California – the wardrobe box with his suits and …. his tux were nowhere to be found and ofcourse I waived the trouble of marking off each box, piece of furniture, and item as it came in the door. The driver convinced me it was a huge waste of time since we had been the only client on the truck. Well, my attempts at getting the moving company (named after a ship that landed at Plymouth Rock) to reimburse us for thousands of dollars worth of Doug’s business clothes – was met with steely silence and “so sorry, you waived the right” – if only there had been twitter 12 years ago! So we went on, replaced some of the clothes and just wondered who was wearing Doug’s tux! And, one day out of the blue – a phone call.

“Hi, I’m a renter in the house you sold in Denver, and there is a moving box full of suits here – I was wondering if they were yours?”

Bless that lady for her efforts but we had no way to recover them and we were worried that the home owners claim we had just been paid on would cause trouble if we picked the clothes back up – it can be annoying at times to be honest. So we told her to donate them to Goodwill!

Can you imagine – a 42L classic tux at Goodwill for $20 maybe? I love Goodwill – remind me someday to tell you some of my finds there!

Until tomorrow.


Day 237 was created in pen & ink and watercolor.

4 Replies to “Day 237 – Formal Apple”

  1. Hi Jenna-

    Love the post and your honesty!…Also, I think the Goodwill is the bomb…If you hunt and dig you can always find a great deal!

    PS- I will be looking for that $20 tux next time i visit the store….that would be a score…

    1. It’s 12 years old now, but tuxedos don’t go out of style (at least basic black ones don’t- the baby blue one I wore for prom – not so much!)

      1. You were adorable in the baby blue one – I’ve only seen the pics though … since I was only 8 at the time you went to prom. When I went to prom you had just gotten married and Amanda was about two.

        Amazing where our lives went from there.

        We were married a month after my 30th Birthday and we just celebrated 12 years in April – I love and adore you Doug – you have been my rock, my love, and my best friend. I got very lucky to find such a good, honest, and funny man! xoxoxo <3 And… how amazing is he to be involved in my blog and this project!!!!!

    2. Hi Becca 🙂
      I love goodwill too – a few months ago I got a beautiful armoire for $70! I had them load it into the back of the pick-up truck and all the ladies waiting ooohh’d and aaahh’d over it!
      Such a steal!
      If you see that tux – please send it this way. Hope you are well. Say hello to Jane for me 🙂

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