Day 230 – Splotch Apple

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred ThirtyI love the creativity of artists!

There is a guy… isn’t there always a guy? Anyway, there is a guy who makes a watercolor “splotch” and then creates a monster from what he sees in the splotch!

OMG! That is just too funny and too cool. And – yes, there is another “and” – HE DOES IT EVERYDAY!

He has me beat by over a year of images – that is amazing! I have no idea if he’s missed a day here and there – who cares!

If you’ve posted over 500 splotch monsters – it shows commitment and belief and sheer, glorious craziness that I so admire.

I’d love to to give a big image a day artist hello and props to Steve Loya and his blog – Splotch Monsters!

Until tomorrow.


Day 230 was created in watercolor splotches!

4 Replies to “Day 230 – Splotch Apple”

      1. You know that the pleasure has been all mine. You inspire with your commitment. I am amazed that you keep turning out beautiful art work…one Apple at a time.

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