Day 219 – Roseville Apple Vase

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred NineteenMy mom loves Roseville Pottery.

She has a few really amazing pieces and is always on the lookout to add to her collection but she is also a bargain hunter so she trolls the Maine flea markets and yes – as all true collectors – eBay! A few weeks ago I called her and she was excitedly opening a box from a recent purchase. I could hear the rustle of the packing materials and then a wonderful big Mom laugh. And, then a guffaw from my Dad. I wish we had been on Skype so that I could have seen their heads thrown back and them clutching their tummies because it was that kind of laughing!

When all finally settled down, Mom explained that when she saw the piece on eBay she got giddy – it was only $99 (that didn’t cause her pause) hummm… she thought she had looked at it completely and saw the seller had a 95% satisfaction rating so she went for it hoping to snap up the deal!


Upon opening the box to examine her treat, she saw that the vase had not only been dropped and super-glued back together (poorly and with pieces missing to boot) but on the bottom of the vase there was also a $0.25 garage sale price!

The reason I love this story is because it is how I grew up seeing the world. My mom is one amazingly strong and loving lady and she fought through many hard times but she taught me to laugh at life and always look for the good in bad situations.

She and Dad finished their giggles and she happily said, “Well this entire side is fine, we’ll just put it on the shelf with this side out and no one will ever know!”

Thank you Mom for teaching me to always look for the good in things. Happy Mother’s Day – I love you bigger than the sky!

Until tomorrow.


Day 219 was created in graphite, fluid acrylic, and watercolor.

Mom’s Vase

***Roseville Pottery was founded in 1890. Prior to 1900 the company initially produced utilitarian ware. Roseville Rozane was the first hand-decorated, high-quality art pottery line produced by Roseville.  Roseville went on to produce over 100 quality art pottery patterns.  Many of the patterns include highly decorative floral patterns.  Roseville Pottery ceased operations in 1954.

6 Replies to “Day 219 – Roseville Apple Vase”

  1. Wow. I’m speechless – odd. Thank you for the loving mother’s day gift. I love you bigger than the sky and in the grass. XOXOXO
    The vase looks great!

    1. Hi Betty 🙂
      My Dad is a really funny guy – and an amazing friend. I am very fortunate to have such a great family.

      Sounds like you have the same.


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