Day 207 – One Story and One Apple at a time…

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred SevenWe are making progress everyday.

One story and one apple at a time we will raise awareness of spondylitis. I wonder where the journey will take us – I’m just so thrilled that so many people are joining me and speaking up.

Funny things happen when you talk about what you are passionate about. I went looking for a web development company in Parker today. I was driving around and I couldn’t find it so I stopped in at a design company and asked them if they knew the people I was looking for. Although they did not we started talking and I told them about my apple a day AS awareness campaign and Hope & Apples and the gentleman I was speaking with started asking me questions about AS. Turns out he has dealt with severe back pain for over 10 years and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but had never heard of AS or seen a Rheumatologist. Then he told me about a great web guy he and the local NBC news affiliate use and I mentioned the Arthritis Walk on May 15th and he said this web guy was very involved with it because of his wife.


Let’s speak up – we can find people to help if we just start speaking up – one story and one apple at a time …

Until tomorrow.


Day 207 was created in watercolor. Doug says this sweet little image is not my best work – thank goodness for someone so close to me to keep my feet on the ground and push me for better tomorrow, but… I kinda like it πŸ™‚ and doesn’t infusion day allow me to slack a little tiny bit?

2 Replies to “Day 207 – One Story and One Apple at a time…”

  1. I like it Jenna πŸ™‚ Colours are so pretty and I love the pinky/mauve border.
    Great story.
    Hope you and Doug are enjoying some nice weather, as we are here.

    1. Hi Betty πŸ™‚
      Who says apples need to be red or green – LOL

      Some of my fav’s are rainbows of colors. It’s been a dreadful spring so far – hoping for warm weather soon.

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