Day 192 – The Best Laid Plans

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Ninety TwoI’m sitting in the lobby at the condominium complex near Winterpark Ski Resort. There is a big roaring fire and Ella is laying by my feet.

I take internet access for granted. It appears wherever I am in my home, I have it on my phone and free hot spots exist at any Starbucks, McDonalds, or Panera. So I wasn’t quite prepared for the condo to not have wifi in the room. Humph!

My husband has a verizon card for his business computer but I felt very unplugged yesterday even though that was supposed to be the point and I could see emails and most of the happenings of FB and Twitter – the whole picture of what is going on is difficult to see via my Droid. Now – for a mere (HA!) extra $29.99/month I can make my phone a hotspot. Sorry Verizon I’d have to be in an absolute emergency to pay that!

I knew I would have to post twice from a location away from home and I knew I could do it but I didn’t plan on forgetting to pack my laptop charger. Uugh! Call it too much going on – Call it FibroFog – Call it typical (ask Doug his opinion on the matter) – whatever the “reason” maybe it’s just life telling me to unplug for a bit and apparently the only way I can do that is to have no way to get on my computer once the battery is dead. Oh – and Doug may need to toss my cell phone out the window.

So although it will be extremely difficult –  after I press publish on this post, all my attention will be on my sweet and lovely husband who has put up with so much in the last 6 months. He is my biggest fan and supporter but he deserves at least 36 hours of me off my laptop or phone. He absolutely deserves this from me because I spend all day working on my projects and then I spend all night. Our normal life has been very disrupted and for that I owe him an apology.

I will power them both down until I post tomorrow night because today is my 12th Wedding Anniversary. I slept in – really slept in. Besides being woken at 5am by the dog and  telling her to go back to sleep. There were no insistent cats meows and pawing near my face to get up and feed their poor starving souls. Doug didn’t wake me instead he went to get me a latte at  Starbucks and a beautiful vase of flowers! I love him and thank goodness he still loves me – I think I can be sometimes difficult, demanding, driven and after 14 years of being together – these last six months have not been easy for him. He refuses to let me give up but he also misses me. And he’s right there hasn’t been a lot of room left for him lately. But we will get through it together!

I have to admit that there is a huge part of me looking forward to October 1st – don’t get me wrong but true relaxation and a day off don’t exist for me right now. My mind will not let go. I guess that is just what happens when you work on something so passionately but I’ve become a bit obsessed and driven beyond what is healthy. I’m trying to find a better balance for myself but also for my husband who had been a rock through all of these years of helping me through a life with AS.

Come day 366 – I will still be working for AS awareness and I will still occasionally create an apple but I will also be sitting on a beach somewhere drinking Mai Tai’s and waiting for my massage! I think we may need to start planning that now! Where should we go because with me – the best laid plans need lots of planning!

Until tomorrow.


Day 192 was created in acrylic and watercolor.

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