Day 189 – Sun Catcher

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Eighty Nine

My Nana loved prisms and sun catchers.

I have a pressed flower sun catcher in my kitchen window and a huge triangular windowsill prism in my bedroom; they were both hers.

I wake up to a vivid rainbow from the prism and watch the sun set behind Β the purple mountains through the suncatcher in the late afternoon. The light here on the southeastern side of Denver makes them come alive in the spring. The prism on my bedroom wall has just started to reappear and my husband and I wake up in the mornings and often comment on the reflection when it’s especially strong. We alway mention my Nana and make sure to say “hello!” It’s like she’s just popping in for a visit!

Until tomorrow.


Day 189 was created in mixed media – mostly watercolor but a touch of acrylic.

3 Replies to “Day 189 – Sun Catcher”

  1. Gorgeous Jenna πŸ™‚ Bright and cheerful and a lovely story. I am determined to do a guest apple before the 365 apples are done, just not in the right head space right now. Hope you are well.

    Naomi xxx

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