Day 185 – Sundae Apple

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Eighty FiveWhat a crazy glorious day!

Google had an image of a sundae today on their page to honor of the 119th anniversary of the first documented ice cream sundae (see below).  A Sundae for a Sunday afternoon seemed fitting and with an apple on top it’s even better!

The first job I had in high school was scooping ice cream on Cape Cod at a place called Steve’s Ice Cream. The ice cream was homemade in the store and you would feel the butter fat on the roof of your mouth for ages after finishing a scoop!

I am an ice cream fanatic. My favorite flavors are pure and not over sweetened or candied. Sweet Cream is my all time favorite but I’ve never met one to match the sweet cream from Steve’s. I think you can still find Steve Herrell making ice cream in Northhampton, MA – he was there for years at a shop called Herrell’s – I’d drive the half hour from UMASS in Amherst where I went to college when I needed a fix!

The Hope & Apples AS Awareness campaign is starting off in an amazing fashion – perhaps it’s Hope with an Apple on top! I think so anyway – the apples are just the perfect accompaniment to our stories and the power of our collective voices.

Until tomorrow.


Day 185 was created in brown ink and watercolor!






*** Update*** I googled Steve Harrell and he is still in Northampton at Herrell’s – and he’s now franchising his ice cream shoppes – now that is calling my name!

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  1. Very creative!!! I’m not fan of ice cream, but this sundae let me remember when I was child and how I loved an ice cream, in all forms, but one of my favorites was a sundae! …

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