Day 179 – All Mixed Up

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Seventy Nine

Some days things are just all mixed up.

There are days when no matter how much you work to accomplish your goals – things just get all tangled up and confused.

I felt this way today and it makes me so frustrated and sad and confused. On days like this all you can do is be thankful for dear wonderful friends.

Thank you Doug.

Thank you Kelly.

Thank you Janelle.

Thank you Amanda.

Thank you Jennifer.

Thank you Jeannette.

Thank you Grace.

Thank you Elizabeth.

Thank you Rich.

Thank you Jill.

Thank you Anna.

Thank you Miriam.

Thank you Rosemary.

Thank you Susan.

Thank you Mom.

Thank you Dad.

Thank you Sean.

Thank you MaryCay.

Thank you Teresa.

Thank you Maya.

Thank you Michael.

Thank you Heather.

Thank you Ron.

Thank you Stephanie.

Thank you Jackie.

Thank you Chris.

Thank you Vic.

Thank you Michelle.

Thank you Naomi.

Thank you Betty.

Thank you Irwin.

Thank you Kate.

Thank you Kim.

Thank you Debbie.

Thank you Steve.

Thank you Betsy.

Thank you Becca.

Thank you Jane.

Thank you David.

Thank you Elin.

Thank you Charizza.

Thank you Stacey.

Thank you Alison.

Thank you Beth.

Thank you Christine.

Thank you Joan.

Thank you Mirelle.

Thank you Ali.

Thank you Miranda.

Thank you Meloni.

Thank you Stacia.

Thank you Abdul.

Thank you Felicia.

Thank you Kathy.

Thank you Sara.

Thank you Channing.

Thank you Debbie.

Thank you Nicole.

Thank you Diane.

Thank you Roberta.

Thank you Melissa.

Thank you Sasha.

Thank you Erin.

Thank you Jim.

Thank you Guyla.

Thank you everone who had provided me love and support on this journey.


Until tomorrow.


Day 179 was created in graphite and watercolor.

12 Replies to “Day 179 – All Mixed Up”

  1. You’re welcome, Jenna! 🙂 Thank you for being an encouragement and inspiration…hoping you feel better soon and that all will go well. God bless. 🙂

    1. Hi Charizza,
      Knowing you found me and my blog from so far away means so much to me and I thank you for your kind words and support. Hope the music is going well. Love, Jenna

  2. Hi Jenna

    Thank you for mentioning me 🙂 Sorry to hear you have had a mixed up day. I have many of those too. It is most annoying isn’t it.? But hey there is a positive side – you do some awesome artwork when you are mixed up! – this is so cute and colourful. Just lovely.

    You continually astound me with your creativity.

    Here’s to a better day tomorrow.

    Naomi xx

    1. Hi Naomi,
      Thank you for giving me a pep talk. I try to be positive every post but sometimes the AS stuff seeps out – lol! You’ve been with me from the start – in fact you are the very first person who signed up for the Daily Apple!!! You are an amazing support to me and I truly appreciate it!

  3. I hate these mixed up days too, and I’m sure everyone knows what you mean. Usually I get frustrated because I’m so unproductive on these days. But, even on your unproductive day, you’ve managed to create some lovely art & get us all to comment! Well done.

    1. Hi Irwin,
      Thank you. Your friendship has been one of my biggest surprises and gifts – I look forward to having you stop by and comment – your insights are always wonderful and your support means the world to me.

  4. All mixed up with sunshine showing through your art and some sadness, too. I hope things become clearer and that you can keep sight of your vision. You started with a passion for helping AS. You mentioned lots of people, but there are many more who follow you and who write beautifully about how you help and inspire them. Never give up – we’re all behind you.

    1. I love you Mom! Thank you so much for helping me on this journey – I truly think we’re in it together. How lucky am I to have a mom like you!

  5. Thank YOU, Jenna for so many things. I’m sorry you’re having one of those days! I hope tomorrow is better.

    My whole hearted support and appreciation!

    LOVE this apple, btw.

  6. Hi Jenna,

    I feel honored to be included in that list of names. I hope you know how proud I am to know you and how thankful I am for you and your amazing work. You are doing so much to better the lives of everyone living with AS and you should be so proud of yourself. Please also know that EVERYONE has “those days” – I’ve had more than I can count. Sometimes all we can do is put one foot in front of the other and trust that everything will fall back into place…and it always does. The important thing is that you keep working toward your goal because it’s an incredibly important one. Sending you a big hug and lots of love <3


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