Day 153 – A Balancing Act

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Fifty Three

As some of you know I write guest posts for The Fight Like A Girl Club.

Tonight I posted a piece about trying to find balance in our lives. Please take a look when you have a chance – here’s a little piece of it:

“Life is not predictable. Some days I wish I knew exactly what to expect and where my life was headed, because then I would be prepared. I would brace myself for the impact or be ready with champagne for the celebrations. I was not prepared for living with chronic pain and illness. I was not prepared for the fight it takes to reveal this is part of my life. And, most certainly I was not prepared for my life to be critiqued by others. But now that I have survived the crisis years, the years of being angry and uncertain and ill, I choose to turn my life into one of belief and action and dedication to a purpose that, like it or not, chose me. I now live in faith. I live in faith that my life will unfold as it should and as it is meant to. I hold a deep belief that everything happens for a reason and my path, although difficult at times, has been and is exactly the road Iā€™m meant to follow. I do envy people who say their lives are in balance. What does that mean anyway? Is it ā€¦” Ā [Read more…]

Until tomorrow.


Day 153 was created in ink and watercolor.


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