Day 147 – Phone a Friend

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Forty Seven

I’d like to phone a friend.

If I could have a hotline to a friend who would always pick up the phone – wouldn’t that be cool! Now – to be fair – my husband, my family, and some truly great friends will pick up the phone. But for people dealing with chronic illness, this type of thing is a life saver at times.

My mom will never forget one particular phone call I made to her about 7 years ago. She recalls it when describing the throws of despair and pain I was in. I can remember it too – I wish I couldn’t.

We forget to check in with our friends. Today – call someone you haven’t heard from in awhile, check in and make sure they are o.k.

Until tomorrow.


Day 147 was created with ink and watercolor.

6 Replies to “Day 147 – Phone a Friend”

  1. This is very timely for me. I just spoke with a friend via telephone tonight I hadn’t spoken with in 12 years. She was in a crisis. Made me want to be a better friend, even when it’s inconvenient.

    I’m glad you are one of my friends!

    1. Jennifer – I’m sure you were a big help to your friend. The years slip by and people get lost – especially at our age with friends we’ve lost touch with getting married – and then it is so difficult to find them again. I struggle with the idea of calling old friends because for a long time I felt like I had absolutely nothing to tell them. My career vaporized – and I didn’t want to explain why. I hadn’t been able to conceive, mostly because of medication and then for other reasons – who wants to talk about that! And, I felt that I had nothing to give. Slowly life changed and my AS was under control enough to “get back at it” but, I’m still very uncomfortable talking about the whole thing with friends who will never truly understand. My new AS friends like you are a true blessing in my life! Jenna

  2. Thank you for your beautiful ant and great messages.
    I totally understand that the new friends we with AS gain are so great we learn from each other. They understand when our days are not good and rejoice when we are having a good day.

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