Day 111 – Pretty in Pink

Pink makes everything look good!

I painted my office a rich, deep shade of orang-y pink.  It surrounds me in its glow and wraps me up in yummy!  I was asked by a fellow AS blogger friend, Maya, what three things I couldn’t live without. What an amazingly wonderful and difficult question to answer because with having AS we give up a lot.  I may ski again but I think of the consequences of falling.  I love to dance but I can’t get the memory of hip pain out of my mind when I think of taking lessons. And what I wouldn’t give to ride a roller coaster without worrying about the pain it will bring afterwards. I will do these things again but I can live without them.

And I could live without the three things that I will tell her I can’t live without and one of them is color.

Wrap me up in a pretty pink and I’m a happy gal!

Until tomorrow.


Day 111 was created with regular and metallic acrylic inks and a touch of yellow watercolor.

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